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Food Safety Management System - Allergen

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Food safety is the management of food for it does not cause dangerous to consumers when ingested. If consuming food is dangerous or unsafe, that is contaminated food. Food hazards can be categorized as follows:

1. Physical hazard: Danger of extraneous materials may be contaminated and dangerous to consumers, such as mixed with raw materials or food processing equipment machinery.

2. Chemical hazard: Danger of natural chemicals in raw materials or contamination during the production of raw materials, food processing, packaging and storage before reaching the consumer.

3. Biological hazard: Danger of pathogenic microorganisms.

4. Allergen: Nutrients that enter the body and then cause the body to react abnormally. There will be danger only those who are allergic to that substance only. There are many types of allergic reactions depending on the type of allergen and the specificity of each person.

- Peanut - Egg - Tree nuts

- Soybean - Fish - Wheat

- Milk - Crustacean - Sulfite (≥10mg/kg)

Food hazards make some consumers aware of safe food and food produced from clean and hygienic processes, therefore having a food safety management system. The codex has good hygiene management in food production (GMP, GHPs) and HACCP is a basic food safety management system and there are many food safety management standards e.g., ISO22000, BRC, IFS.

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